Conway's Game of Life with Python

game_of_life -
Used tkinter to make a simple version of Conway's Game of Life. The idea of cellular automata is that simple rules can result in extreme complexity. In the Game of Life, 'cells' die or come to life based on the status of the cells around them. Through time, this can cause phenomena like drifters and oscillators. Technically, the game of life is Turing complete and a full computer could be built with it

Making a World of Warcraft Addon

Lotsa-Bars -
Trying to stay mentally active by making addons in World of Warcraft. It has all been done, but I'm trying to do it for myself. This is a simple addon to give the player access to more action bars as desired.

Health Tracker

health-tracker -
Something I'm writing to help keep me conscious of my health. Right now it's not very functional but takes potential weights and blood pressures and stores them to a csv with a time stamp. I want to add graphing with matplotlib, that will happen soon.

Fibonacci Algorithm Tester in Python -
This is another simple program, I wrote it to be a reference for a MIPS program that I'm writing for my Assembly class. It tests and times two different implementations of a Fibonacci sequence calculator. One function is recursive and looks a bit more mathematically correct but struggles to calculate numbers in the sequence above 40. The other algorithm eliminates much unnecessary work and is much faster. It is interesting to see how much of a difference the right algorithm can make.

Pretty ugly but it works, some asthetic changes are in order but can wait for now.

On to the Next!

Stream Cipher -
After finishing the tictactoe board that served as my hello world project, I think I want to remake a project I worked on a bit last year that I think would benefit from a rewrite. It will be a simple stream cipher sample taking plaintext and a key, encrypting the plaintext with the key, and outputting cipher text as a hexidecimal number. It will also be capable of taking ciphertext and a key and decrypting to plaintext.

The program in its current state works but has a few issues:

  • It's ugly and unreadable
  • Some special characters break the cipher
  • I made it using Eclipse - I'd like to switch to VS code
I'm hoping with the rewrite and can smooth out a few issues and refactor a few things to make this a nice little tutorial. Making this helped me understand encryption in my intro to Cybersecurity class, maybe it will help someone else, too.

TicTacToe - 1/16/21 is a console-based tictactoe game I made in python over a few days. It isn't anything fancy but I thought it'd be a good first project for the logs. It starts by asking for the X move and alternates between X and O player until either one player gets three in a row or the board is full.